European Institute for Pharma Logistics GmbH

Qualifizierungs- und Auditierungs-Lösungen für die Pharma-Logistik

Challenges around pharma logistics

  • The requirements on pharma transport and on pharma logistics have been significantly increased in the recent past. 
  • Principles and regulations, especially the „GMPs – Good Manufacturing Practices“, which are the fundament for pharmaceutical production are more and more extended to transport and logistics of pharmaceutical products (EU-GDP guideline).
  • Simplified this can be summarized as:
    - products have to be transported under the same conditions under which they are stored
    - ”Production“ of the logistic services has to be cost efficient even under these conditions.
    - Currently no standardized process exists to describe the process chain involving manufacturer, logistics and transport

Basic ideas of EIPL

  • Establishment of a neutral company, which combines the knowledge of temperature controlled transport and quality management in pharmaceutical processes in an optimal way for the customer`s benefit.
  • Creation of European minimum standards in order to give guidance to all of the players in the logistic part of the supply chain of pharmaceutical products. (“Mediation”)
  • Transfer of existing and relevant laws and guidelines into manageable measures, e.g. for equipment, creation and documentation of processes, staff education and qualification. (“Translation”)

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